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Bathroom Renovations Wellington Point

Want to know of a good bathroom renovation company in Wellington Point who have the knowhow of a good bathroom design for your Wellington Point house and are specialists in the same? Do you want to contact budget renovation experts who engage in budget renovations and constructions?

To put it quite simply, Bathroom Renovation Guru have the knowledge and the expertise to carry out any type of bathroom renovation in Wellington Point that suits client expectations and needs.

As part of a basic house extension or even a home renovation, what are the many features connected to it? Do you want to know more about it?

  • It starts with a detailed bathroom design in Wellington Point
  • In some cases, it could even be bathroom redesigning
  • Bath resurfacing service
  1. Bathroom repairs
  2. Bathroom tiling
  3. Bathroom shower repairs
  4. Shower repairs installation
  5. All-inclusive bathroom remodelling
  6. Renovation tiling
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Want to speak to good building designers about bathroom tiling, bathroom resurfacing, bathroom shower installation and the works? Well, then just reach out to Bathroom Renovation Guru. We will help out with all your queries, be it shower repairs installation and any related services.

Whatever be your questions, be it bathroom renovation Wellington Point, bathroom shower repairs, shower repairs installation and also bathroom tiling.

Call us on 1800 736 699 or even on our mobile number 0423 537 311. You can even write to us at

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