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Waterproofing is very important for your home, office or commercial building. In simple terms, waterproofing is a technique that helps prevent water penetration into the building interiors, rooftop, balcony, body corporate, bathrooms and the walls. If this is undertaken, waterproofing comes with many benefits like preventing mould infestation, prevents long-term damage to the building and helps increase the market value of your home.

Therefore, to help prevent, avert and avoid any damage or harm to your residence or commercial building, Bathroom Renovation Guru undertakes widespread waterproofing services. Our waterproofing services cover both the domestic and commercial areas wherein we waterproof rooftops, walls, balconies, bathrooms, body corporate, leaking walls and water tanks.

Our waterproofing experts are experienced and have the knowhow and capability to effectively waterproof whatever it is you have engaged our services for. From rectifications, to corrective solutions, repairs and rendering beneficial, long-term solutions to your building’s internal and external facades, Bathroom Guru is there with you all the way.

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We offer an industry-specified warranty for all waterproofing services that we offer. Our personnel are trained and have gained a good on the job expertise and are very dependable. Armed with the latest industry knowhow about the different types of waterproofing methods and materials, we are definitely noted for our services.

If you want to contact us for any waterproofing services, call us on 1800 736 699 or write to us on info@renovationguru.com.au

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